Broken English

Broken English
Director : Gregor Nicholas
With : Rade Serbedzija

The second film by the producers of “Once Were Warriors” focuses on a family of Croatians who flee to Auckland to escape the war. When a native Zealander falls for the beautiful Croatian daughter an enormous racial wave begins to crash. Powerfully angry performances.

Air Miami – Me, Me, Me

Air Miami - Me, Me, Me
Label: Teenbeat

The reincarnation of the legendary band Unrest, lead by Teenbeat Records guru Mark Robinson, Air Miami have revived 80’s new wave music in an impressively nostalgic way. Featuring all the characteristic elements of new wavers such as tinny synth beats and fast twangy guitar stylings, Air Miami make pop songs the old fashioned way. With a sense of humor evident on tunes like “I Hate Milk” and “Sweet As A Candy Bar” this trio moves carefully through our teenage years that makes us long to have them back. Nutshell: happy, scrappy, toe-tappy.

Halo Benders – Don’t Tell Me Now

Halo Benders - Don't Tell Me Now
Label: K

Halo Benders is the side project of Calvin of Beat Happening and Doug of Built To Spill. Driven by the ultra deep vocals of Calvin and the guitar gymnastics of Doug, they write a play some of the most lyrically comical songs in the business. Mostly choosing ironic assaults on political correctness set to a weird almost bluesy-funk beat, the Benders combine virtually all the elements of today’s indie elite into bouncy package of rumbling excess. Calvin may have the deepest strangest voice in music- that is until Dug chimes but in, but that’s half the fun. Nutshell: comic, sardonic, sometimes sonic.

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Rex – 3

Rex - 3

Label: Southern

Once again Rex continue to refine their gentle meandering brand emo-rock. Like an Afghan Whigs on Prozac, Rex’s third full length features an increased attention on the violins and cellos that subtly accompany the long and drifting guitars and bass. Although maybe just another twig from growing tree “3” is powerful little record to play loudly into headphones, or quietly as a soundtrack to peaceful introspection.

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Timco – Gentleman Jim

Timco - Gentleman Jim

Label: Basura / Priority

Timco is a band that lives in a dark, almost haunting, world of melodic angst. Musically they are more straight forward than weird, relying mainly on a typical drum, bass and guitar structure. A little like Green Day on prozac, their songs are driven by deep rich male vocals and determined neatly strummed guitar lines. What separates this trio from stardom may be the starkness of both their lyrical melodic yearnings. Nutshell: introspective, reflective, deep groove collective.