Bestest 2003 – Filmage


Looking back at 2003, there were really quite a few wonderful films, most of them small budget indies, but then again, the good ones usually are. With the exception of “Return of the King” and to a much lesser degree “Mystic River,” a great deal of the studio product for the year was worse than ever, with a lot of god-awful high concept special effects efforts (insert “Bad Boys II” et al.) and painful “American Idol” inspired crappola. Nevertheless in the likely event that you missed much of this list, you’ll have a chance to catch it with your TiVo Sundance/IFC setup. [Read more…]

Bestest Music 2003


At some point I guess you must admit defeat. I imagine that you are then asked to relinquish your “Hipster ID Card” to the hulking stud behind the velvet rope, turn yourself around and come to terms with the fact you’ll just have to get you’re cultural guidance from NPR. Well this is how it felt for a few icy moments when I realized that at least a handful of songs from bands on the below list were featured on “the hip new Fox TV show ‘The O.C.’” What makes this even scarier is that in order to have made this connection I would have had to actually watch the show myself. Admission: although I do not watch reality television I do watch ‘The O.C.” So this means one of two things: 1) I am losing my edge or 2) the music supervisor on the show has supremely good taste. I’ll stick with the latter, and hope they look me up if they ever need a replacement. In any event there was lots of good tunage this year. I guess there always is if you look hard enough, but for me most of what I had time for was good old-fashioned indie rock/pop. If you don’t have it, go buy it, burn it, or if you’re nice ask me to rip you a send of the accompanying “Bestest 2003” CD. [Read more…]