The Hidden Cameras – Mississuaga Goddam

One of the finest pop albums of the year happens to be an import from a Canadian band led by a gay minstrel named Joel Gibb. “Mississuaga Goddam,” named after Gibb’s hometown, is the third full length by Toronto’s Hidden Camera’s, and is one filled with a litany of toe tapping guitars and melodies that could be just as easily the score from some hip Off-Broadway musical. With lyrics that alternate between comically offensive and unstoppably catchy, the band seems draw inspiration from everyone and no one. Wedged neatly in a collection that would likely be filled with albums by Belle and Sebastian, Robyn Hitchcock, Polyphonic Spree, and fellow Canadians the New Pornographers, the Hidden Cameras live in a kind of adult never never land too clever for MTV watchers and a bit too obscure for the aging hipster who only occasionally manages to find time make it past the music display stand at Barnes and Nobles. This album is pure joy, and one keep your eyes open for.

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