The Best Tunage of 2004


Digitizing an archive of over 100 gigs of music (20,000+ songs) has afforded me the much-needed impetus to think long and hard about the music I have been collecting for the past 25 years. Much of it, I have found, fall into a few genres that I have distractedly entitled “indie-rock,” “folktronica,” “slowcore,” “orchestral pop,” “brit pop,” “electronica.” Being forced to categorize music that is either uncategorizable or more broadly and easily described as “rock,” is both an invigorating and frustrating intellectual exercise. But in the end it has helped bring some definition to my own tastes – whether or not I want to acknowledge what they have become, over time, softer, gentler, and more focused. 2004 was no exception to this trend, and also the beginning of an iPod age where the soundtrack of my life is now miraculously in the palm of my hand. I assume this at least subtly affects the way I consume music, but in the end it will just make it easier for readers of this list to gather these wonderful gems in a few clicks for yourself. Ughh, bring back the double album – full size poster included! 2004 was indeed another very good year, as evidenced by the 20 records included in my Top Ten list. Enjoy. [Read more…]

The Best Films of 2004

The Bestest 2004


Now that my life requires a babysitter to escape to that dream world that is the movies, I must choose more wisely than ever. Without a trip to Sundance this year to front-load this list, I was left literally to read between the lines and choose theater excursions very carefully. In retrospect this was not a bad year to have been a bit out of touch. It is always easy to find 10 or so really good films a year, but this year there were only a couple that were truly and memorable and important. [Read more…]