Irreversible – Dir. Gaspar Noe (Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassell)

Take a violent rape, and cut the story into slick frenetic chapters, and then tell it in reverse-chorological order and you get the harrowing, brilliant “Irreversible.” Not unlike “the post modern “Memento,”” director Gaspar Noe has taken a raw a voilent act and helped to numb the pain a bit by creating a cinematic choas that guides us more objectively through the harsh reality. Largely a simple story about three youngish French hipsters (a couple and the girl’s ex-boyfriend) who go out for a night on the town. After a fight at a party the girl leaves on her own, and is attacked in one of the most graphic scenes ever filmed. The rest of the story rolls backwards as the two men seek revenge ending at the beginning where we see the act in not only “irrevsible,” but conistent inevitablility in the modern world. Although not a film that most people will “enjoy,” this is a truly powerful film that will leave a significant impression.

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