Starter for 10- Dir. Tom Vaughan (James McAvoy, Alice Eve)

This film could, and probably should have been dreadful. A college coming of age tale, set in England in the ‘s with a soundtrack pulsing with The Cure, Psychedelic Furs and the Tears for Fears, the story focuses on a “bizarre love triangle” and a big quiz show final. But it is charming, a nostalgic dramedy that makes you yearn to be 20 again, drinking and dreaming too much.

Of course amidst the lightheartedness there are beautiful sketches of the kind of the kind kids you wish you still were. James McAvoy, fresh off his star making role in “The Last King of Scotland,” is perfect as the idealistic college kid looking for a sense of self. Surrounded by a cast of charming guys and girls, the film just rolls over you like a John Hughes film circa St. Elmo’s or The Breakfast Club. More like fast food than fine dining, everyone loves a burger here and then. This one is quite tasty.

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