Dr. Dog – Fate (Park The Van)

dr-dog.jpgI want to LOVE this record, and I almost do, or at least parts of it. Like The Band, The Dead, or Wilco, who sing about places and the journey to get there, Dr. Dog use this metaphor as the backdrop for their storytelling. An old fashioned rock band, lead by dueling melodic guitars, keys, drums and heavy dose of vocal harmonizing, “Fate” moves along like a big old train rumbling down the tracks, a vestige of a by-gone era.

So much of “Fate” is washed with a much needed look back. The 11 songs here range from the Beatleseque to the honky-tonk, but where Lennon’s vocals were nasal and wonderful, Toby Leaman tend to be a bit too thin and at times. That said this is a band, hailing oddly from Philly, who have again stitched together what we are desperately missing in this electronic age – something original, refreshing and authentic.

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