American Hardcore – Dir. Paul Rachman

american-hardcore.jpgIn the event that you ever spent time sitting in your suburban bedroom all jacked up on adolescent angst, trying to convince yourself that you actually liked the nihlistic raving of the American hardcore bands of the early 80’s, this film is for you. The film is a gritty kind homage to regional flavors and characters that littered this short lived but prolific period of musical history.

Filled primarily with what must have been incredibly rare clips of early Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and contemporary interviews with all these personalilites 20 years later, “American Hardcore” is the video accompaniment of the classic punk non-fiction classic “This band Could be Your Life.” I’m not sure I still have the stomach for much of this stuff anymore, but it sure is cool to revisit the dirty, brutal zeitgeist from the comfort of my cozy living room couch.

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